Water testing is broken. With current tools, it takes days to get basic information, weeks to validate results, and months to respond to contamination events. This leaves businesses, governments, aid organizations and entire industries with an incomplete picture of what is in our water, which costs the global economy over $1 trillion USD every year, claims over 3 million lives, and makes it impossible to effectively manage the world’s most precious resource.


Water Canary is a real-time water quality data provider. We make devices that instantly test water quality and transmit the data in real time. We provide an end-to-end data collection service for enterprise customers. It provides them more information, from more places, for less money than they already spend on data collection.

Utilizing our game-changing patented sensing technologies, we aim to drive down & set the cost of real-time data, and become the world’s most trusted source for reliable water quality data.

With our first device, we aim to transform data collection around agriculture and irrigation in the public and private sector, addressing over $10 billion of waste and economic losses annually in the US alone, while setting the stage to monitor every major contaminant across the globe.