Water Canary devices utilize an inexpensive approach to spectral analysis that was invented by our Senior Scientist, Eric Rosenthal.  Rather than waiting for chemical reactions to incubate for 14-24 hours, they provide instant measurements of contaminant levels.  They are optimized to rapidly identify areas where contaminant levels require immediate attention, offering a first alert days and even weeks before traditional methods would identify a problem.


Outfitted with networking hardware, they can instantly upload raw data to Water Canary servers so that readings can be mapped in real-time without the delays associated with manual validation and data entry.


At smaller scales, the system can be configured to alert users to state changes in water quality so that predefined parameters of water quality can be continuously monitored.   At larger scales, the real-time information provided by the Water Canary device is optimized to facilitate real-time decision making: Front-line workers can shut down or contain contaminated water sources to prevent water-related incidents from occurring, and coordinators can immediately target resources and personnel to appropriate areas.  This approach conserves time and resources where they are scarce, and directs highly skilled water professionals to the areas they are needed most.